Wild Animal Removal in Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

As one of the trusted wildlife removal companies in the Toronto area, we are dedited to providing superior service to our clients and re for the safety of our wildlife. We make sure our raccoon removal methods increase the chances of survival after extraction especially if there are babies involved. ?Our experience enables us to provide quick and professional service to our clients backed by 100% written guarantee.?

Raccoons have adapted well to living in urban neighbourhoods. Food is easily accessible and there is no shortage of shelter. Raccoons eat almost anything they n find from fruits, vegetables, small rodents, small birds, squirrels and even a meatball sandwich. Garbage bins are usually an all you n eat buffet for them. Besides food, they need a dry, warm place to rest during the day. In most ses raccoons damage a part of the roof to get in to the attic. The most common spots are roof vents, roof pipes, chimneys, rooflines, soffits and roof junctions. The damage n be quite extensive in some ses.

In most ses the best way of removal is by using a Hewmain? one way door system. This device will be placed over the entry hole. It will allow the raccoon(s) to easily get out and not be able to get back in. After the removal has been confirmed, the hole will be sealed with heavy gauge screening to prevent re-entry. Baby raccoons have to be removed physilly and taken outside to be reunited with mother raccoon.?We will also perform a comprehensive inspection of your property followed by recommendation on wildlife prevention practices.

It is essential to hire a wildlife control company as soon as you have a nuisance wildlife problem. We n come in and remove the animal and seal the entry point so there is minimal damage to your property. For rates and appointment times please ll our office.

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